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    PDF plans for the Paulk Workbench II Paulk Workbench, Workbench Plans, Simple Steps to Make Mobile Workbench with Built-in Table & Miter Saws |. Paulk-Workbench-Specs Workshop Bench, Garage Workshop, .. Simple workbench plans - includes free PDF download, material list, drawings, and step . Paulk Homes. Work Smarter Not Harder. Order Plans. To Order plans. Click Here. to visit The Paulk Homes Store. To Learn more -click on the videos below.

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    Paulk Workbench Pdf

    MTI-workbench: After doing a couple of DIY reclaimed wood projects, Ron Paulk designer of the Paulk Workbench, Paulk Total Station, and Paulk Miter Stand. Paulk Workbench II (PWB2) PDF plans for the Paulk Workbench II This is our most popular plan. This 4x8 Workbench is a popular size for most any project. How to Build ron paulk workbench plans PDF Download Ron paulk workbench plans blueprints cabinet making kit Ron paulk ultimate.

    Reply Upvote With all due respect sir, that is simply not true. I reviewed a lot of workbenches before I came to this design, and I drew and built it from the ground up to suit my own needs. I have seen your workbenches and they're awesome, but not very practical for my needs. The Paulk workbench consists of 2 big slabs that you link with the sawhorses, and the total station basically looks like a "very glorified" meaning no disrespect miter saw station with some other tools on it. The structures of both are different from mine and they both look like it takes way more space than I have to store or even to set them up. My workbench is basically a glorified pallet. I can take it outside, work until it starts raining and store everything again in no time. I could even just store my tools inside the shed, drop another closed pallet on top and leave the bench itself outside. I've already mentioned how I came to my design. I basically went from pallets to modified pallets to pallets with a plywood top to full plywood to steel frame and back to plywood. Originally I wanted my whole workbench to be made from reclaimed pallet wood, so when I made the decision to stick with plywood I didn't want to have to buy many expensive sheets and be left with a lot of scraps.

    I made it to fit that space and with materials I had on hand. Finally I got around to making a new work bench. The idea behind his design is to make a lightweight, break down workbench that contractors can take with them from jobsite to jobsite to work efficiently.

    I do need it to roll around though. So I bought his plans and decided to make a semi-mobile version of the Paulk Workbench to use as my workbench, assembly table, and outfeed table.

    Preparing The Lumber The base I came up with is just a simple construction grade lumber workbench frame. Nothing fancy. Having a dedicated stop block system in a miter saw station makes cutting repeatable sizes much quicker and more accurate.

    I say it every time I mention it but my miter saw station is something I should have made when I first set up my shop. Assembling The Base The base would consist of an upper and lower frame. The legs are screwed directly to the corners of the frames.

    To help prevent any racking from lateral movement I rotated the front legs 90 degrees from the back legs. This will also result in less obstruction to the lower shelf area when accessed from the front. The leg I am securing in this picture is on the side I will be calling the front. Clamps are better at holding stuff than I am so to make installing the second frame easier I clamped a scrap piece of wood to each of the legs to hold the second frame in place.

    Then the second frame could be added to the assembly and easily secured with five screws through each leg. The clamped blocks from the last step made this process super easy.

    Paulk Workbench

    Taking minutes to rig up a simple jig is faster than the minutes you would spend fighting to complete the task without it. These are each rated at lbs.

    Before installing them I drenched the bearings in a Teflon dust resistant lubricant. The completed workbench moves around very easily. I checked a few measurements. It's either exact or rounded to the next mm.

    PDF Download Ron Paulk Workbench Plans Plans Woodworking phenolic plywood for sale | colin

    It's not that far off. To me, some of these measurements are guides and you need to adjust to your tools or needs. Doing so, remaking the whole thing in sketchup seems to be the best option.

    WelshWood Posts: Quote from: Barman on January 12, , I downloaded the plan to my main computer which wasn't the best idea either.

    I meant to transfer it over to my phone cos I often have rips of ply spare from jobs at work and if its on my phone I always have the sizes on me so I can knock up sections as and when but I can't transfer them over for some reason. Might be my computer and I'm no computer genius so I'll just have to print it out instead.

    Wooden Skye Posts: I would contact Ron directly to bring it up or to get clarification, I am sure he would like to know if there are errors.

    I contacted him, and he says that i have to round everything myself. Bad investment in my eyes. So now i am busy, making my own plans. Redoing it and as soon as i am satisfied i will post the plans here.

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    Don't know what type i could use for that. And to find them in Belgium or the Netherlands. If anybody has an idea January 15, , Which rails are you talking about?

    Do you mean the pipe that is used to support the table saw? There's a tiny note that that pipe is 1" Electrical Conduit galvanized steel hollow pipe.

    The Story of How Ron Paulk Discovered He Had Inadvertently Created a Product Design Hit

    In other words: No, i mean like this http: This was posted here quite a while ago. It might help you. PDF RENO Posts:

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